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Giovanni, Giancarlo and Giuseppe: it's a family affair!

Giovanni, Giancarlo and Giuseppe: it's a family affair!

We provide Car Service, guided tours of Sorrento, Naples and Amalfi Coast, transfers and excursion all over Italy.
Tour of Italy is a Family Business established by Giovanni Gargiulo on 1992 and ran with his son Giancarlo and his nephew Giuseppe.

"I was born and raised in Sorrento. After the second world war and after being in the army, I left my home town, Sorrento, and worked on cruise ships as an officier for 11 years. Then, I ran restaurants in New York an California for ten years. After being on every place on earth and 4 times around the world, on 1992, with the experience gained in all those years, as just explained, decided to start my own business back to Sorrento with my son Giancarlo, who is learning everything from my experience."

We are competent drivers and guides, and will be pleased to guide you through Italy to see all the beauty, culture, history you can find in our wonderful country. We can take you to visit farms to see how the italians make the famous cheese mozzarella and see how the pasta is made. We can also take you to find your roots, your relatives on a family research.

"And, if it is not enough, my wife can also teach you some cooking, and after a few lessons you will be able to cook pasta just like all italian women do"

Our motto is: "Sweet trip-excursion, no stress, spectacular view, with neapolitan famous songs in car with Giovanni, Giancarlo and Giuseppe".

We simply want you to forget everything and Enjoy your stay in Italy.

 Quality! Not quantity!  "At very reliable and good resonable prices".
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Rosalind Perlmuth - 28/07/2014
Tour of Italy is the best! Our group of 20 people loved every minute shared with Giovani ... Continue »

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